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Here’s 9 reasons Jiffy should be your first choice when you need a plumber

On time or we’ll call or the first hour is free

We hate waiting around for tradespeople to show up that’s why if we are late and don’t call first to let you know the hour is free.

Local plumbers to your areas

Don’t deal with a big company where the plumber coming to your house doesn’t even know where your area is. With a Jiffy plumber you are dealing with a local to your area and generally the business owner themselves not an employee.

Rapid response emergency service

Because we work in a small local area we can get to emergencies quick. We also have the luxury of having other nearby plumbers to call in if we can’t get there as quickly as you want.

Leave your property clean

Sometimes plumbing makes a mess that is unavoidable but we promise to clean up to the very best standard and we will never wear uncovered shoes inside.

24/7 emergency plumber

If you have sprung a leak or blocked a drain, we can generally get there 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So give us a try

12 month warranty on all cleared drains

Once we clear the drain we will always camera inspect the line (where possible). For that reason when we give your drain a clear bill of health and it blockes up again within 12 months, we will come back and re clear it for free.

Backed by a big brand

Not only do you have the piece of mind dealing with a small business owner but with Jiffy you also have the knowledge we have done background and police checks and you will have a uniformed representative of a big brand turning up at your door.

6 year warranty on all workmanship

We are so confident in our workmanship that if work that we do fails due to poor workmanship we will fix it for free.

Free drain camera inspection with every jetted drain

The only way to ensure that a blocked drain is repaired properly is to inspect with a camera otherwise the problem can start building up again as soon as the plumber leaves, some companies charge as much as $220 for this service if we unblock your drains we do it for free.

Here’s 6 reasons why you should become a Jiffy plumber

Larger territories

Our territories are more than 5 times the size of most major competitors.


If you ever want to go away on holidays as a single business owner you will worry your clients may go elsewhere. By being a Jiffy franchisee you can rely on fellow Jiffy franchisees to look after your customers while you are gone.

Ongoing support

From a designated business coach to help your business grow, monthly business growth audio books, access to our online forum where you can speak to fellow Jiffy franchisees.


With better deals due to increased buying power, better rates for advertising and utilizing full time staff within the franchise head office. We aim to more than cover any royalties in hard savings to the franchisee. Therefore any support, training and benefits of being in the group are free of charge.

Opportunities for business growth

With large territories, no maximum business size and no extra fees for business growth you can grow your company to as large or small as you like.

6 week find our fee or it’s free guarantee

We know we can make you more money than you are making now so if we can’t at least replace the fee we are taking within the first 6 weeks we will either not charge any royalties until we do or refund your money.*