About the owners

Ryan and Michael started a business called Knm Plumbing in 2009 lured by the dream of running their own business and the riches that was sure to entail. The first couple of years were tough as the guys had no real business training and as most small business owners would know it isn’t always easy out there. As they openly explain “we tried to just outwork everyone else, our main sales strategy was to do any job no one else wanted, to be cheaper than anyone else and to work longer hours than anyone” as you can imagine this was not a winning strategy.

Until by luck they happened upon someone to teach them, “He changed the way we thought about business instead of being a plumber we were now business owners. We read every book available and went to every seminar, I estimate we spent over $100,000 on our business training in the next two years.” During that time the business had grown from just over $200,000 turnover a year to almost $3,000,000. They had replaced themselves in the business and the stresses of 2009 were a distant memory.

About this time they went to a seminar put on by one of their suppliers and discovered by going around the room 27 out of the 29 plumbers there were going through the same problem as Knm Plumbing had faced just years before. Michael explains “here we were 25 and 28 semi-retired well on the way to becoming very well off and there were guys 55 years old having run a business for 35 years, facing exactly the same problems we used to. That’s when we decided there had to be a better way, we knew we could help. We already had our systems and we decided to work out a way of teaching these guys, we tested the results with some other businesses in different industries and found the change could be massive for them. Through Jiffy Mobile Services we want to change the lives of as many tradespeople as we can and let them experience the freedom a great business can offer.”