Why Jiffy?

Too many business owners who have gone into business for themselves to create a lifestyle for themselves and their family end up either financially in trouble or spending all their time trying to keep their business afloat. It’s well known that 80% of business fail in the first 5 years, this is why we have created Jiffy mobile services to allow business owners to have the lifestyle they desire while still having the freedom of running their own business. To see if a Jiffy Mobile Services franchise is for you download our free information pack, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Seven reasons to choose Jiffy

  • 6 week find our fee or it’s free guarantee… we know we can make you more money than you are making now so if we can’t at least replace the fee we are taking within the first 6 weeks we will either not charge any royalties until we do or refund your money.*
  • Larger territories – our territories are more than 5 times the size of most major competitors.
  • Lifestyle – If you ever want to go away on holidays as a single business owner you will worry your clients may go elsewhere. By being a Jiffy franchisee you can rely on fellow Jiffy franchisees to look after your customers while you are gone.
  • Ongoing support – From a designated business coach to help your business grow, monthly business growth audio books, access to our online forum where you can speak to fellow Jiffy franchisees.
  • Opportunities for business growth – with large territories, no maximum business size and no extra fees for business growth you can grow your company to as large or small as you like.
  • Profitability – By better deals due to increased buying power, better rates for advertising, utilizing full time staff within the franchise head office rather than having to hire in consultants we aim to more than cover any royalties in hard savings to the franchisee, therefor you get any support, training and benefits of being in the group free of charge.
  • Share ideas with others within the industry – By using our online forum and our regular planning meetings you will not only have access to a coach but also to the knowledge of fellow franchisees.